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Salon Services

From effortless gray coverage to full blonding transformations, we’ve got the perfect service for you.

Want to see pricing in detail? Each stylist has an individual pricing menu on our team page.

Go Darker & Gray Cover

For covering gray, and going darker. All services include a finishing blowdry

Elevate Salon Color and All Over Color

Cover My Roots   

Single color root touch up to cover up gray at the roots, or if you need to go darker at your roots. Great for 4-8 weeks of grow out.

Service Time 1.5 Hours


Go Darker All Over 

All over color from roots to ends to blend grays, deepen your color, or subtly shift color tones. Want to go darker and keep your dimension? Customize this service with added lowlights.

Service Time 2 Hours


Glaze Refresh

Is your previously lightened hair feeling too light or brassy? Color Glaze is an all over translucent color application, great for adding depth, cool tones, or warm tones to previously lightened hair.

Service Time 1.5 Hours


Go Lighter & Dimension

Are you wanting to go lighter while still seeing your natural color shine through between the lighter pieces? Techniques are customized to your needs, including balayage, traditional foiling, foilayage, and babylights. Includes refining gloss and finishing blowdry.

Elevate Salon New Guest Dimension

Partial Dimension

Partial Dimension focuses lightening around your face, ears, and top. This is great for adding subtle dimension and sunkissed lightening.

Service Time 2-3 Hours


Full Dimension

Full Dimension focuses lightening throughout your hair while still keeping your natural color in between the dimensional pieces. This is great for going subtly brighter.

Service Time 3-3.5 Hours


Mini Dimension Refresh

Mini refresh focuses lightening around the face and part line. For current guests with less than 8 weeks regrowth.

Service Time 2 Hours


Go Lighter & Blonding

Wanting to see less of your natural color and more blonde? Modern and solid blonding include more time and blonding techniques for transformational results. Includes refining gloss and finishing blowdry.


Elevate Salon Modern Blonding

Modern Blonding

Wanting to see less of your natural color and more blonde? Modern blonding uses modern lightening techniques such as balayage, babylights, teasylights, and foilayage to lighten your hair while keeping a blend at your roots for a lived in look that grows out beautifully and extends your time between visits. 

Service Time 4-5+ Hours


Solid Blonde

Do you want to feel completely blonde all over? Hand painted lightener on your roots or all over foiling for a solid blonde look. Recommended maintenance is 4-6 weeks.

Service Time 2.5-3.5+ Hours


Specialty Color

Includes vivid color, color corrections, and any color services not listed. Consultation is needed, and stylist may recommend a test strand.


Elevate Salon Vivid Color

Color Correction

Do you have current hair color that you want to remove or lighten? Color correction customized for you. This process may involve color or metal removal, bonding treatments, color fills, foiling, and other blonding or blending techniques. Color corrections are charged hourly and start at 6 hours. Consultation is required. 

Service Time 6+ Hours


Vivid Color Overlay

Wanting bright rainbow colors? This service add on is for you. Vivid color overlay is paired with a Go Lighter service. To book a vivid service, please text the salon so that we can book you for the right amount of time, depending on your color goals.

Service Time 1.5+ Hours


Keratin Smoothing

Lasio Keratin Treatments produce a lightweight finish while also hydrating, repairing, and protecting hair strands.

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Elevate Salon Keratin Smoothing

Lasio Keratin Smoothing

Are you wanting hair that feels smoother and stronger, with reduced frizz? Lasio Keratin Treatments produce a lightweight finish while also hydrating, repairing, and protecting hair strands. These keratin treatments deposit keratin, along with gentle conditioners, into the hair cuticles which are then sealed to lock in moisture and produce a natural shine. 

Service Time 2-3 Hours



Includes shampoo and styling

Elevate Salon Haircuts

Barber Cut

Traditional Barber clipper or scissor cut. If booking a barber fade with guards 0-2, select the add on barber fade

Service Time 30-45 Minutes



Short Haircut

Haircut at chin or above

Service Time 45m -1 Hour


Medium Haircut

Haircut between chin and collar bone

Service Time 45m -1 Hour


Long Length Haircut

Haircut below collar bone

Service Time 1 Hour


Curly Haircuts

Includes shampoo, deep conditioning and styling


Aircut For Curls

Aircut for waves, curls, and coils includes dry cut, clarifying treatment, deep conditioning, and wash and go styling. The goal of the cut is to create air pockets in your hair to give it a beautiful, voluminous shape. The Mizani Aircut can be worn straight or curly, giving you unlimited options on how to style your hair. 
Service Time: 2 Hours


Wavy or Curly Cut

This is a cut for naturally wavy hair or loose curls.  Hair is clarified and conditioned, then cut wet using rounded layering and point cutting to enhance your natural wave. Hair is finished with an air dry or diffused style. 
Service Time 1 hour



Enhance your service with custom moisture, repair, and bonding. 

Elevate Salon Treatments

Redken Acidic Bonding
pH balancing acidic formula to bring hair back to healthy range, adding shine, softness, and strength

Service Time 10 minutes


K18 Restoration 

Introducing the new revolutionary K18 peptide treatment that heals hair from the inside out. Restores hair's overall integrity, shine, and elasticity. Great for all hair types

Service Time 4 minutes



K18 Detox & Bond

This innovative detox and bond treatment is clinically proven to reduce 7 types of metal + mineral buildup for more vibrant, even color, restored bounce and shine, and improved K18 molecular repair effectiveness in as little as 4 minutes

Service Time 4 minutes



Meet Our Team

Get to know us, and our specialties! We are a salon team that has a deep respect for each other, and a desire for everyone to succeed. You'll often see us lending each other a helping hand, from helping with a blowdry, assisting with a color application, or popping into a consultation. 

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