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Welcome, Friend!

We are honored to have you here. Thank you for the privilege to serve and make your beauty shine! Use the information below to get to know us and to book your first appointment.

Love, Elevate

Elevate Salon New Guest

Step 1
Virtual Consultation

Let's find your perfect stylist and service. Our virtual consultation takes just a few minutes to complete. We will reply back with your personalized recommendations, and  you will get instant recommendations if you prefer to book online.

Booking a haircut? Feel free to skip this step.

Elevate Salon Virtual Consultation

Step 2
Book Your Appointment

Once we receive your virtual consultation we'll contact you to schedule within 24 hours. Prefer to book right away? Use our online booking, or text us at 434-208-1892

Step 3
Pre-Visit Experience

Appointment Notifications
You will receive a confirmation email when your appointment is booked. You will also receive an email and text reminder 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. 

Guest Experience

We know trying a new salon can be intimidating, and we are here for you! Visit our Guest Experience page and be on the look out for our welcome packet email. These resources will give you  details about what to expect on your first visit. 

Elevate Salon Reception
Happy hispanic teen girl holding cell phone using smartphone device at home. Smiling young

Step 4
Confirm Your Appointment

We require a confirmation by phone, text or email 48 hours before your appointment. Simply reply YES to confirm by email or text. If your appointment time no longer works for you, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance so that we can reschedule you for a better time.

Step 5
Enjoy Your Appointment

Get ready to feel relaxed, comfortable, and renewed. Learn more about what to expect on your first visit by checking out our guest experience page. We can't wait to get this journey with you started!

Elevate Salon Guest Experience

Salon Tour

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We love your questions! Our main form of communication is text at 434-208-1892.  It's the absolute best way to get a hold of us, especially when blow dryers are running.  Our hours of communication are typically 8am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday.

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