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I started my career out backwards. In 2013, I opened my salon, knowing nothing about hair and still teaching elementary school art full time. That first year, I felt humbled, clueless, and in over my head.

        I made the decision to apprentice as a stylist, and that is when my life irrevocably changed for the better. For 3 years, I worked 7 days a week. I taught elementary art during the day and worked at the salon on nights and weekends. It wasn't the easiest path, but I found a career where I could use my artistic gifts to make people feel heard and appreciated.

        My salon has continued to grow and thrive nearly a decade later. We have become a teaching salon, training and equipping the next generation of stylists. We have grown into a team of leaders and mentors, who believe in lifting up each other and those around us.

         I am grateful to have this beautiful career, where I am able to teach and inspire. I am grateful to have my team of kind and caring souls. I am grateful to have guests like you who cheer for us, love us, and appreciate us.

In Gratitude, Anna

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Elevate Salon + Spa

1208 Carlton Ave, Charlottesville VA 22902

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