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Elevate Salon + Spa is transforming hair and inspiring confidence in Charlottesville

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Awarded “Salon of the Year 2023” among 20 US salons by Salon Today

As featured on MSNBC Weekends

Nominated as a “Best Salon” in Best of Cville in 2021, 2022, and 2023

Elevate Salon + Spa opened in 2013… and is still thriving!

Since swinging open our doors over a decade ago, Elevate has blossomed into a vibrant hub of creativity and care among the hair salons in Charlottesville. Renowned for our mastery in color and extensions, we're not just about the here and now; we're crafting the future of hairdressing with our unique apprenticeship program, nurturing new talent right here in our community.


Our salon pulses with the energy of mentorship and mutual upliftment, where every stylist and guest is part of a bigger picture. Walking into Elevate, you're enveloped in a space where luxury meets comfort—think plush treats like hot cocoa and a vibe that's all about ensuring you walk out not just satisfied, but genuinely elated.

Endless good hair days are not the only things we’re working towards…

Donation of hair trimmings to Matters of Trust, transforming them into eco-friendly mats for cleaning waterways.


Partnership with Children with Hair Loss, donating hair to provide free hair replacements to children facing hair loss


Monthly contributions toward Shelter for Help in Emergency, aiding their mission to offer refuge to domestic violence survivors

Our mission isn’t just here to make sure you love your look (though, of course, that's a big part of it!). We're also big on giving back, whether that's by donating hair to children experiencing hair loss or supporting the incredible work of local domestic abuse charities. It's our way of making sure that when we make you look good, we're also doing some good in the world.

A philosophy rooted in kindness and mutual empowerment

At the heart of Elevate is a simple yet powerful belief: together, we rise. Our team is dedicated to cultivating a space where support, growth, and genuine connections flourish. Walking into Elevate means joining a circle where everyone has a seat and where advice and stories are exchanged as freely as smiles. Join us, and let's create something beautiful—not just in the mirror, but in every interaction.


Meet Anna, Our Founder

Back in 2013, I took a leap from art teacher to salon owner, without a strand of hair knowledge or salon business savvy. That first year was a whirlwind of lessons, but it sparked a transformation. 


Jumping into a cosmetology  apprenticeship, I discovered a combination of art and personal connection in hairstyling that truly resonated with me. Fast forward, Elevate has flourished into a nurturing ground for emerging talents, a collective of mentors, and a team that raises each other up.


To my incredible team and valued guests, your encouragement is the backbone of Elevate. Together, we've built a supportive network where everyone's voice matters. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey and for making every day at Elevate special.


With heartfelt thanks, 

Anna xo

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