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Model Haircuts

We are an education salon. Year round, we train our apprentices and associate on a variety of haircuts and styles. Model cuts allows our apprentices and associates to have valuable hands on experience while under the careful supervision of our instructors. Please read below to find out more.


What is the cost for a model cut?

Model Cuts are 0-20. Dry cuts are 0-10, and cuts with a shampoo and blowdry are 20.

Does my stylist have experience cutting hair?

Yes, all apprentices first train extensively on mannequins, then do cuts step-by-step with an instructor by their side. Eventually our apprentices are ready to work independently, with supervision from our instructors. Every step of the way, our process results in great cuts! Relax, you are in good hands.

Can I choose the hair style?

Yes absolutely. Send photos of the style that you are wanting. We train on every type of haircut.

How do I qualify for a model cut?

 We choose models that are reliable, confirm appointments, and show up to their booked appointment. If a model cancels last minute, we will not rebook them for future services.

Can I be a model more than once?

Asbolutely! Please reach out to us anytime about booking a model cut. 

Do you also need color models?

Yes, we do need occasional color models and extensions. We give these opportunities to our haircut models that are consistent and reliable, so please start with a haircut model appointment first!

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